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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  July 16, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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>> why do people still acknowledge the magnitude of something. >> they believe that government will take care of them, and real issues, bankruptcy, of the country. >> congress is concerned about the debt. >> people are concerned about the debt. markets are concerned about the debt, the world is concerned about the b.e.t. all this debt has to be liquidateed for us to gilt growth again. the debt is unsustainable. >> run, while you can. if you don't think our debt is
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an issue, you may be debt wrong, tonight, nice to be with you, congressional budget office all but confirming what ron paul has been warning. are we doomed? >> i have optimism in me, i believe there are good things going on, but not in washington, washington is locked in spendi spending. people concerned about right things. fed fe deserves an investigation. and young people are waking up. they know there are problems.
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connell: you've been talking about it for a long time. that cbo report that came out yesterday, you said people woke up, and pay attention udebt jumps to 106% of gdp by 20 klein, maybe people don't see it happening tomorrow. what is the trigger that makes people think more about this? or washington think more. >> the loss of confidence in the dollar, we're already seeing that we have overreached in the world, we put on too many
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sanctions. they are talking about their own currency. connell: never seen a big alarming collapse, people have said, if there is a loss of confidence in the dollar, we've never seen it on grand scale that people are alarmed by it, you know? >> it came close to that in '79 and '80, but we're in worse shape now, the big question is, how it will be handled. i don't think that the end of time is coming. but it is the end of there system, yo you cannot maintain a system like this. so, that will be -- it is unknown when it will become, probably a foreign policy event where we leave the dollar, that will be a big deal, interest
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rates of rise. connell: foreign policy is another topic we wanted to cover with you on. in iraq and other foreign policy issues, governor rick perry from texas making headlines, going after your son, senator rand paul, he wrote an op-ed. he said, paul's brand of isolationism or whatever term he prefers would compound the threat of terrorism even further. and your son fought back right away. interesting back and forth, your thoughts? >> well, one thing, i don't think that my son needs my help, he does a pretty good job in defending himself. i do like to discuss the issue of isolationism, they are distorting the definition, they are talking about
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nonintervention, they are those who want to put sanctions on country, and isolate cuba and russia and iran. we want to talk and trade with people, and get along with people. we don't like the sanctions, and difficulties they have, we want to be internationalists in trade, free trade and friendship with countrys that is different from isolation. connell: sometimes labels can be misleading, your first response to my initial question, prompts s another question, you don't think your son needs your help. >> no. connell: you run for president's number of times. do you think your legacy uyour history, do you think that helps him? hor does it hinder him? is it something he has to establish his own way of thinking? what is the effect of you having had the history of running for
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president and your views in the public for so long. long? >> i think this comes up up of the time issues and helping people, it does both. supporters of my know how much interest i have in monetary policy, civil liberties, but other people, like perry, you know, who has an opposition, and they are not going to like it they will go after him, it will be back and forth. but that is what politics is about. connell: other issue, running through a couple of different issues here, i want your view on what has been happening with the border, mexico-u.s. border, a lot of people, last couple of days have been jumping on senator harry reid. >> everyone here, the bored ser
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secure. -- border is secure. connell: says harry reid, have you 9,000 illegal children to cross this year. what do -- how do you respond to that? >> he think ising about border between the hallway and his senate was osense office. he can't be serious. that is pretty wild. after the fall election he will probably not have as much clout in washington as now. but, it is a mess. >> you know the president wants to spend 3.7 billion, republicans, want to speed up the deportations, we'll see how that plays out, what do you think will happen? >> they will probably get some money, i wouldn't vote for the
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money, i don't think it will do any good. it will go to central america, it will be more welfare implement and i don't think that is going to -- welfareism, i don't think that will work, we have to deny people welfare, get rid of the incentive the. we'll come here, knowing, they have been told, you are young uyou want to go to medical school, you will be taken care of. at the same time we prohibit decent immigration, because we make it hard for workers to come in. let the workers come in and go back home and take their money with home, it is difficult, in my district in texas, we had a lot of people farmers, coming we need help, we can't get workers. allow more people to come in. so we do is prevent good workers frosfrom coming in and give the entice am to come in -- enticement to come in, i do not believe welfareism for illegals.
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connell: like getting the innocenttives backwards. >> thank you. connell: up next, the sto stockt soared nearly 40,000%. that is right. why government is looking to shut it down. thank ythank you for defendiyour sacrifice. and thank you for your bravery. thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things,
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have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of rare but serious side effects. are you down with crestor!? ask your doctor if crestor could help you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. lou: all right, is sink a scam. penny stock went from 6 cents a share to almost $22 a share in a matter of weeks, they are investigating say that valuation is fishy, veteran trader, made his fortune trading penny stocks like sink. he is here to tell us more about penny stocks. >> it was not a liquid, it was
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an amazing story, a good educational example of you an opportunity you have with penny stocks, people say it a scam, we don't know if anything illegal happened. but we know there was a huge increase in the price that was probably caused by a short squeeze, this happens all of the time. connell: i am -- almost been conditions to be uncomfortable talking about penny stocks, for a couple reasons, we go on tv talk about specif, companies that story is out there but if we brought up random company trading for a few cents, it could be illegitimate, and you know next thing we're in trouble. a shady area, is that wrong way to look at it you? are in this business -- you are in this business? >> i have made a lot of money this way. connell: your personal story, you had your bar mitzvah money.
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>> yes, i started with $12,000 and now it is a few million. connell: it seemed like a shady area where there is a lot of bad things going on. >> i mean that is due to misinformation you see, a stock drop $50 on good news, you are like penny stocks i don't understand it. if you look at indicators, the stocks move so quickly that opens opportunity. cynk we do not know if anything happened. a go lost his job over it, he said this is a scam, his short, and buy in to cover created the squeeze, if you look and break it down it is not as evil as people say. connell: is that always the case. connell: i am not bringing up a random specific company today, but when you do, you look at them on your screen, have you them in your office, you can tell, what are you looking for?
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>> there is good and bad. in are some pump and dump that are out there. connell: my next thing they are pump and dump scams? >> i am not a lawyer, i just look at this stock is being promoteed, someone is paying to get stock price in play to get it up, maybe the company to do financing? as an investor or trader, you can play that volatility, say this stock is being promoteed it will crash, short sell if it. connell: you are not making moral judgment to say, this company may be a piece of -- i'm not getting anything if i can make a few bucks. >> there are always small companies and manipulateors and analysts and promoteers, this is a game, what you do look at rules don't say this is evil, say promotions cause the stock to go up. connell: where does that happen now? >> twitter issue social media hard mailers.
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that opens up a great opportunity because you are betting against a worth less company at high prices. >> did you, as quickly as you made that money dit go away just as quickly or hard times doing this? >> i had losses, i do not know the rules about cutting losses like cynk i would have said it a scam, but you learn to play it safely because, stocks can rise quicker than you can stay short, market is not always rational, you can take advantage of volatility. connell: for random person -- average person that is watching they get into seems like, you know, something they should not be thinking about. >> well, if you have a few thousand dollars dollars to your name, you are looking it play lotto, don't give in to hype, don't take tips don't think a stock is going do rise 20
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20 percent. in our country a lot of people jump on that, you have to play it safe, and study it, i have over 2000 web sites on my video, if you strewed the pattern they are -- if you study the pattern they are not evil and confuseing. connell: thank you, explaining your world to us. >> so, are so-called smart world where everyone is smart, phones, some start cars, it might be a lot scarier than we think, the guy who said brace for a real life minority report coming up after this.
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connell: so can smart be dumb, new concerns the more wei embrae smart technology, the more vulnerible we are to sig cyber hacks. mark, lisa and jared levy, we'll get to all 3 of them, but let me start with rick. this conversation, which you talk aboutr of different ways to attack this. there are so many smart devices. the end of the day, do we really' to slowdown ennovation, and technology, because we're concerned something will hack into it? there has to be a plant, right? >> absolutely, you know. i am excited about the opportunity with all of these
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innovations coming in place. i have a iphone or a smartphone in my pocket, i wear a fitness ban to test my activity. it is a fun time to be alive. connell: yeah, they have smart meters now. they check how much energy you use. driverless cars in the news, these contact lenses, for google, and a picture of small contact lens. about what concern should people have? somebody will hack into their contact lens? what concerns should people have that are rel realist,? >> in general concern should be more about companies that are gathering the information as opposed to the devices. likelihood someone will hack into your contact lens or into our fitness band is low. connell: good. >> but, the companys that gather
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and store the information may be at more risk. being attacked. connell: let's talk about some of the companies. well note -- what types of companies let's me bring in the all-stars though. mark is here in studio with me. he is checking his phone, making sure no one is hacking him while here. what do you think of this? does it worry you everyone that knows what you are doing? >> sure. on and level yes, there -- i am less concerned about people who are hacking illegal lookingo get into the information, they are not supposed to have. than i am about companies that actually collecting this information. connell: just what rick said there. >> right. connell: what about that worries you? >> moment note -- i'm not as worry about people cracking into fit bits or there is cyber warfare that is you know, cause for concern, what worries see some what companies are doing with data they ag gate, they compare and contrast and overlay
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it with other types of data that gets to be a little creepy you start to realize, that companies like facebook, they are predicting human behavior based on the data they do get. >> advantages and gues disadvan, mark uasked like the guy, if we ask. >> i don't even have a cvs card because i don't' them knowing what kind of shampoo i use. connell: that is your business, lisa, what is your angle? we're not going to share it, we get those messages. are you clicking okay? >> we do, and you know here is the thing, i think a balance,. connell: me too. >> like you say, a balance, and as technology continues to increase, and the innovations come about, there is going to be a concern about hack bug we should not shy away from innovation, america is a world leader in technology we need to retain that footprint,
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businesses spend so much money, to make sure they stay ahead of hackers, and that you know there are security measures in place. connell: right, i am -- you know i am all right with people know, i do use shampoo, i to -- i feel like the day is too short to are abouto worry about that, that is mark's prerogative, that is fine, jared your take? >> o yeah, there is a plan of bh of these conversations one thing we have not talked about you don't have to volunteer your information on a form, companies like google, facebook and others use big data collection, like you post thins to facebook, and searching for things, they are click, that useing that against you that is one thing you to keep moo tpheupbd. in mind, i believe skphart technology will make us dumber, you know, i say that because, you know i watch the driver today, i am a pilot we're old school in our technology, it
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like we' our cars to drive, we have a phone to answer our questions for us, our minds are not doing processing that is what i fear. >> another thing to keep in mind is that you know as we have the the innovations and technology increases, market haves to keep up with it, meeting security. connell: wr57ing up for now. -- wrapping up for now, thank you, rick. coming up, israel under attack. the big story of in news, this week. and week before. congress, could not disagree more on what to do. can administration handle another international crisis? shingles affected me tremendously as a pilot.
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the pain in my scalp area and down the back of my neck was intense. it would have been virtually impossible in that confined space to move to change radio frequencies. i mean it hurt. i couldn't even get up and drive let alone teach somebody and be responsible in an airplane. as a pilot that meant i was grounded.
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connell: violence between israel and hams reaching new high -- hamas reaching new highs. and republicans and democrats could not be more divided on the issues. general jack keane is joining us, we hear these are cyclical, many saying it is same old same old, unfortunately in middle east, but in terms of america's en srof ainvolvement there is ne should or can do? >> not much for us, israel is our allie, and hamas' number one aly circran allie is iran. -- they are sustainining them, t
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would take a third party to work this out, like egyptians were doing, and tony blair trying to work it media this but hamas is digging their heels in. hamas is using those casualties as victims of their population base, as leverage to gain international community support, to get israelis to stop. stop. that horrific. connell: i was curious about that in terms much military strategy. what could they try to accomplish? they go up against a foe that is much more powerful? hamas, putting, you know their own people out there, getting
8:32 pm
hurt. not the people that are firing the rockets. i am sure they are hidden underground. >> all of people in control, military and political leaders are in bunkers, they just ordered their people who evacuateeed based on israeli messages, they ordered them back in that underscores what they are about, using casualties as a weapon of support. gaza is a is locked in am they would want that removed so this more access for their people, but the fact is, this is a government, in gaza, that was elected, they have done absolutely nothing to improve the quality of life e experiencs for gazans and palestinians now living under their rule. connell: what about from israel's component of view? is there anything different about this cycle of the conflict
8:33 pm
that repeats itself? is there anything different about it strategyically this time? >> yes, there is. the fact of matter that cummulative effect has taken to to its toll. fortunately the missiles areer er are -- errant. and the iron dome shoots down most that are not. people on the right wing of netanyahu's government, they have a clarion call now, i think their voices are stronger after hamas rejected the peace proposal. i think we're likely getting closer to something i know, netanyahu does not want to do, that is to put troops in gaza. casualtys go up on both sides,
8:34 pm
you don't have all that much to show for it in the end. connell: but you think we're closer to that points? >> i think those voice louder, he has to listen to them money other than 6 days ago, knowing him, he does not' to do that. connell: thank you, general keane . >> big brother, if you think that government is ready to let go of the internet, think again, details on that story up next. really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line anytime for 15 bucks a month. low dues... great terms... let's close. introducing at&t mobile share value plans...
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connell: is big brother about to be a bigger problem, in experts claiming in 10 years, everything will be controlled by big instutions like the government.
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we will get all-stars as well but harold, on experts polled saying 10 years down the line this is th the path we're on, hw is a conclusion like that reached. >> i am hopeful it is not where we're headed. it is true, there was a poll done of so-called experts, they see the government becameing big brother, taking over the world. connell: you are like you said, are you distanceing yourself? i sense from sarcasm in your response? >> well there are things that could lead to that, one is going on here, in washington today. called network neutrality proceedings. in the name of trying to protect the internet, what is going on, a lot of people want to give the
8:39 pm
government more power t to monir and control the internet, that is the first step to this big brother scenario. connell: we always -- neutrality can be exciting to talk about or people say what are you talking about, they glaze over, there are a couple lanes on internet, if you pay more you get faster internet, other side people want to to be level play are feel, one internet for all. which one to put it simply is better? >> well, i am not sure that is the best description of it. >> overlly simplistic, there are companies that are doing bad things to the interne and that excessive power government should do something about it i would say if that is true, let's see the complaints, let's see
8:40 pm
the complaints to justice deputy and federal trade combition, we -- commission, we have had internet for year its dozenderful things, but we don't have a catalog of complaints about ac bad acts. >> it is about hypothetical problem in the thoughture fa might happen on a -- future that might happen on a rainy tuesday if something really bad goes ito year not there. connell: all right. thank you harold uthank you for your time, what do you think about this topic? are with you harold or scared? box biz all-stars, mark, lisa, and jared. jared with you on this. role of big brother watching us, i think you know, probably to harl's points we're looking at 10 years, this survey, saying that is going to be huge problem. and ones that may be over -- who
8:41 pm
knows that may be overdone. >> i don't think that government we need to ar worry about, i thk that net neutrality is a wig bigger issue, but i think there will be a core group of companys that control the contend or content flow on internet, like when you hit a search, the search results will be geared toward you and your little bubble. you will not see the diversified world, that is the bigger problem. >> you think that cable -- those big companies will have too much power? >> what about you, lease ark you lisa? >> it is always a concern when the government comes in every american would say they are so sick and tired of the government so involved in their aspect of their daily life. and like with nsa there was so much outrage, with that government intrusion.
8:42 pm
>> a case private companies have exponentialy more data and more information with us. connell: that is what you said before with your shaop shampoo. >> right, facebook is asking her, what is so your mind, she jokes is there a an app for, tht is the some points, we have to worry about private companies are. there ask a planning an there is more data out there, government has more and private companies have more, what do we do about it is a big question. the government survey length, and corporate. connell: we put on both topics tonight, it is interesting looking at it from that points of view, maybe too much we ask that question, big prob either. maybe the company -- brother, coming up, a bad break up, combat over comcast, maybe a company we were preferring to next. next.
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connell: first up in tonighty biz blitz, ca cable company foud operators. comcast operator nearly refusing to let a customer cancel their plan? here is part of this particular call. >> so why is it you don't want faster internets? >> help me understand why you can't just disconnect us. >> why not keep what you know
8:47 pm
works? >> because -- we're not doing that. >> so tkhreu please proceed. >> you don't' something that works? >> no. >> i mean, is this like a joke? connell: company has apologized for that. our all-stars are back. i'll go you to jared. i think you were referring to big companies before, that is a funny call, did it happen to you? >> it happens all of the time, all my friends make fun of me with my encounters with customer service, one thing he was direct and semi logical, i have been on phone calls with other people who were telling me how magically internet and broad band work, they convinceed me, you have scores of customer
8:48 pm
service people, it is their job to retain customers, they will be fired if they don't, so blame comcast. connell: to provide service theyment, not to try to prevent tprepl from cancelthem from cant 30 seconds cancel and move on, they don't let you. >> right. well, i think everyone has faced that situation, they called up such the merservice -- service, and been on phone way longer than they wanted, but unless this customer had a contract to stay with comcast, the service rep should have let it go. you mentioned before, sounds like a bad break up it does. >> because yeah, maybe comes back later with other service from comcast, and has a good feeling like there is no way i'm ever going back. >> and i think you -- the caller
8:49 pm
mentioned too, he asked if he was being punked. if it was a prank. connell: this is a -- >> this is a pr disaster of the first order, and not at a worse time for comcast. as you know and your viewers know there are lot of of regulators looking at a proposed mergeer between comcast and time warner this will bring a lot of scrutiny to whether you know kind of consolidation that the cable companies have serves the customer lwe know that competition is spirit of capitalism. connell: i wonder if it hurts the company specifically or is that is the way it is with all companies. >> customer service represents, where else are you going? we're the only provider? >> i guess that is a wider
8:50 pm
debate. about monopolies. issue two is u.s. tax code too tough? >> a big story with president obama companies to stop merging for foreign tox rates, you are bans companies from bo going overseas. i think i mentioned thaede. >> instead of banning the companies from going overseas we should incentiveize them to stay. america has highest corporate tax rates among industrializeed nations, it is the over regulations that are promulgateed by president obama. connell: i was just in ireland last week, it is fresh that is the lowest corporate tax rate that 12%, and tech companies like this.
8:51 pm
when do you think of incentives? >> you know, cup of things, this is obama's gift, he takes a convoluteed tax plan we have and turns it, and says, it is the company's fault. the international companies that by the way, we're trying to make our companies more global with international trade and opening border, but you can't do that if you are not internationally competitiveive. if you have an agreement, you have to have give and take on both sides bong is not giving -- obamobama administration is not giving incentives or programs to keep the companies here? mark? >> i disagree with jared, i think that prob president obamas given investment in increasing job in u.s., i agree with you -- lower corporate tax rate, problem, is there is going to be a company with a -- one country
8:52 pm
with a lower tax rate than u.s., and so companies are go to -- >> but make it competitive. >> what jack lew has called for is a sense of economy patriotism, it means something to be a quote, unquote american company. and every time you take that tax revenue off of table that is individuals like you and i -- >> patriotism is strange? >> a general since we're sharing a khoploa come an cause, if you- common cause? >> what americans need is a republican senate, and republican in the white house, to lower taxes to reduce road tape and stock picking winners and losers. connell: i don't think that mark sees this way. >> i think one party, in control either party would be a problem. connell: back t to incentives. to bring patriotism in, like
8:53 pm
using that as a way to you know make people --? >> about wha that is bull. i don't want. i don't think we need to be like delaware but be really kpaf, you trcompetitive, you try too squee money out of the companies a lot of companies specifically medical field that is a very tight mar jen. >> trying to change the subject. >> this is related. when did we look at taxes as go from this part of your civic obligation of between an american and paying taxes. now it is this penalty or a cost of doing business at businesses trying to evade, and i think -- >> hey. >> a way of avoiding pays taxs is bose us. connell: s isis bogus.
8:54 pm
>> companies now, have no national loyalty, that is a shame. >> we're getting worked up and we have to go. we get your points. jared, and lisa, and mark thank you. >> apite rose discussion -- a pete rose dig kaousz, should tk*eugdiscussion, should he be . >> do you think it will happen. >> that is never going to happen. >> sometimes but i don't know if i will be around. anyone that lives in united states would' a second chance.
8:55 pm
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connell: it is time for your
8:58 pm
tweets and your facebook posts. a reaction from the interview last night that we did what pete ross. >> what do you think are the odds? the odds of being inducted into this? >> well, i'd like to make the hall of fame. i'm the one that screwed up, so don't sit on your show and wine because i'm not in the hall of fame spirit what do you think about all of this remark robin non-facebook said the numbers speak for themselves, he's the greatest hitter ever in the world champion. catherine says that pete rose deserves to be in the hall of fame is a great ballplayer and a sportsman. but he's paid his dues and enough already. and then marty, what does she have to say?
8:59 pm
if we are going to exclude rose from baseball, then we should also exclude all of the players who have admitted to taking steroids. and are there right then, if michael bennet can get a second chance, pete rose should have chances as well. and sorry, charlie, no freaking way. easy on the language. i guess that makes you a trendsetter, but not in a good way. and bob says no way as well. he committed the cardinal sin of sports, the integrity of the game is at stake and some division on us. and jessica says that we have unrepentant politicians revson as much or more and they keep getting reelected. and so it's time to let him have the recognition he deserves. finally, this is from joann who writes in, who of us is so perfect that we should judge him?
9:00 pm
everyone deserves a second chance. so interesting. keep them coming and use the hash tag, neil cavuto. spiezio it's okay, you can all go home now. the border is secure. senate majority leader harry reid and fleeing wayne coates brothers for an illegal and mail it a chance invasion logic and experience are telling the opposite story. there is a big social media push to drop this into the 2016 presidential race and they want to tap that in their hippie counterpart. and so we have new


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